Our guarantees

Rules for execution of orders

Placement and execution of order starts after provision of necessary information by means of placement of order on the website and full payment.
The order is placed in the city of delivery according to samples provided on the website, considering composition of the bouquet, its appearance and color palette.
Time and address of delivery should be agreed with order receiver considering clients preferences but this information can be changed at receivers wish.
Delivery of the order is accompanied by the form with information about products characteristics (briefly: what is delivered and its content), information for delivery (name and address of receiver), information about sender (if you havent used the option Withhold senders name).
Information about execution of order is sent to client to his e-mail specified during placement of order and doubled by SMS (if during placement of order there was chosen an option Send SMS about order status.

Quality of goods, placement and execution of the order

Assortment of flowers and goods on the website is formed depending on the season, prices for separate kinds of products and geographic peculiarities of every region. Execution of the order is entrusted to the representative who at that moment is the best according to clients feedback.
Unfortunately, the color shade or kind of flowers you need are not always available. In such cases, we reserve the right to make the equivalent substitution, necessarily agreed with the client, and offer at clients choice no less than two variants for substitution.
If the client for some reasons was dissatisfied with products or quality of the service provided, then we ask you to inform us within 24 hours and we will change it free of charge or offer you a refund.
Our company bears full financial responsibility only before the client. Any changes of the order or payment question are made and discussed only with the client.

Order confidentiality

All information of the order is sent only to that address which was specified during placement procedure.
If during placement procedure there was chosen the option Withhold senders name, then neither receiver nor executor can know personal information of the client. Dont use this option unless necessary because receiver can refuse to get the order without knowledge of senders name.


We guarantee to answer all your questions within 12 hours from the moment of questions arrival. To send the question you have to use the contact form where you should describe your problem in details. Dont hesitate to ask questions because we are working for you and are ready to answer any questions. When you have the answer, you can make the right choice.

Additional conditions

The order cannot be delivered for the following reasons:
  1. During placement of order there were given incorrect data of the receiver what makes the delivery impossible.
  2. Receiver refused to accept the gift.
  3. Despite preliminary agreement, the receiver is absent at the specified period of time and at the delivery address.
  4. Incorrect senders data which dont allow to contact him.
  5. Cancellation of order less than 1 day before it should be delivered.
Paid amount of money cannot be paid back.
It is conditioned by the fact that flowers, fruit and other goods are perishable goods and are not subject to long-term storage. Flowers, fruit and other products lose their marketable state during additional transportation.
P.S. If the order hasnt been placed yet and is not in the stage of execution, then we will do our best to stop its execution and return your amount of money with the deduction of our services for order processing and cost of payment system rate for retransfer.