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ID: MP0207

Bouquet of different color tulips

As the tulips have a thin and graceful stalk with a minimum quantity of leaves, for an organic bouquet, we recommend to order the quantity of 15-17 tulips. In Europe and America, it is accepted to present even amount of flowers, generally the amount, which is multiple of 12 (dozen). In the countries of the former USSR uneven number is accepted, and quantity is chosen depending on desire and opportunity.

    Giving flowers to the people you respect and love is one of the rules of haut tone. Such a gift is suitable for both women and men in order to show respect and reverence. Tulips are one of the classic flowers that express loyalty and genuine feelings. This bouquet has red, pink, white, and yellow elegant tulips. Perfect bouquet every woman will like. Such a bouquet will be appropriate at any event or celebration.


    Cost of: +10$
    City: New York
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