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ID: MP0007

Bouquet of red tulips

As the tulips have a thin and graceful stalk with a minimum quantity of leaves, for an organic bouquet, we recommend to order the quantity of 15-17 tulips. In Europe and America, it is accepted to present even amount of flowers, generally the amount, which is multiple of 12 (dozen). In the countries of the former USSR uneven number is accepted, and quantity is chosen depending on desire and opportunity.

    Bouquet of red tulips is like an upsurge of feeling presented in the form of these beautiful flowers. Previously you could find tulips only in the spring, in the mountains. There was a belief that somebody who had found this flower was supposed to be very lucky and happy. Times have changed and we have an excellent opportunity to gladden our loved ones with tulips wishing them happiness without a hike in the mountains and regardless of distance.


    Cost of: +10$
    City: New York
    Now in New York